Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy EatasmuchasyoupossiblycanandgetHUGE Day!

Just wanted to send out a message to everyone saying Happy Thanksgiving (or eatasmuchasyoupossiblycanandgetHUGE Day). Remember, we all have goals and we all know where we want to be. Keep this in mind when making decisions and make the choices that will take you towards these goals, not away from them. I was informed the other day by a client of mine that the average American gains 2.7lbs over Thanksgiving weekend. Remember that when you are feasting with the fam this weekend. If you are looking to gain weight then eat your heart out and keep the training intense. If you are looking to lose weight then be aware of the amount of food you take in and stick to the healthier choices. Oh and keep the training intense. I don't care that it is a holiday weekend. If you are there I will see you in the gym. I'll be the guy getting mine. Remember, the average American gains 2.7lbs...who wants to be average? Not this guy.

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