Thursday, May 28, 2009


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Swagger Check

I hear the word swagger a lot. I hear it in music, on television, from people I come across in my daily journey. The word has quickly become the most commonly used term in hip-hop. I like the idea behind the word, the only thing is I don't think many people know exactly what "swagger" really is. Technically it could mean something different to every person, however, I think there are too many out there who relate "swagger" to social status, monetary wealth, and overall appeal. This is where I start to have a problem.

To me, swagger isn't determined by how much money you have. Swagger is not dependent on how well you can mimic the newest style. Swagger doesn't mean that you walk with a limp resembling one suffering from Polio. Swagger is a state of being. It is doing you and being yourself, knowing that who you are is a privilege.

Self-confidence is the biggest role player in determining one's "swag". I am not saying that walking around with your nose turned up at everyone, treating others as inferior, or not showing respect means that you're "swagtastic". What I am saying is that knowing you have a great worth and believing that you can conquer any challenge placed in front of you is where your true swagger lies. Don't worry about what others think. Don't try to emulate the style of your favorite rapper or listen to certain music because you think it will make you "cool". Be you and carry a confidence about yourself. Walk into a room with your head up and your shoulders back. People will notice and immediately smell that Swagger. Give respect and others will respect you. Work your ass off. Never be complacent. Even though your swagger may be through the roof understand that with true swagger there is no ceiling. Limitless should be your life.

For me, I know what I have and what I can do. I refuse to stop bettering myself. People's heads turn when I enter a room. They know I got my swagger right. I feel that I am the best, yet that is not enough. I want to better and will always strive for perfection.

That is what true swagger is all about. Know what you are capable of, have confidence and arrogance, and you will continue to succeed.

Will Smith has a great swagger. His confidence emanates from his being. He is cocky but never satisfied and that is what I strive to be.

Friday, May 22, 2009

New Life pt. I

For the past couple of weeks I have been involved in an interview process with a program for the Navy. This program, the SHAPE program, is ran by Indiana University and takes place at three Naval bases located in San Diego, Pearl Harbor, and Virginia. The program is a personal training/group fitness deal for individuals in the Navy over the age of 40. It is a way they can get free training, keep themselves in shape, and work towards completing their fitness tests. This is the second year of the program and each site hosts two trainers.

I traveled to IU this past Monday for an interview. I spent the day with two ladies who run the program from their IU offices. Being one of the four finalists for the last few openings I gave them a sample personal training session as well as group exercise "boot camp". I was informed today however that I did not get the position. This is the first job rejection I have experienced in this place known as "the real world". I'm upset that I did not get the job for it was an amazing opportunity but at the same time it is not too big of a deal because I will have plenty of other job opportunities and will one day make my way to the West Coast.

As for now, I will finish my summer out here in Lexington and then make my way back to Louisville in hopes to do some personal training and maybe see if I can't dabble in a few other areas of the field. There is no telling where my life will go from here but what I do know is I will continue to better myself both in the gym as well as out.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


So, a new workout was started this week. Varying from the straight strength training my partner and I have been doing for the past 6 months, we changed it up and added some agility work, some plyometric work, and some corrective stuff. Along with those changes I added in some sprint work and a few new weight training exercises. Amongst the new exercises is the Sumo Deadlift. I have messed around with this lift in the past but never included it in my own program. I am trying to strengthen my hips so I figured I would use this exercise to help with that.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this exercise it is a similar movement to the traditional deadlift with exception of the grip and stance. The stance is widened while the hips are externally rotated (meaning the toes will be pointed out). The grip is a close grip so that the elbows are inside the knees. The reasoning for this stance is to put more emphasis on the hips and quads and less on the posterior chain.

Today was the first day that we did the Sumo Deadlift so I was curious to see how it would go. Overall, not bad. There were a few things in my form I need to work on so we will see how the continuing weeks go from here.

Watching the video there are a few things that I noticed. First, I need to drop my hips slightly lower at the very beginning of the movement. This will allow the hips to do more of the work so that the back isn't taking all of the stress. Secondly, as the bar begins upward you can see that my back slightly breaks down and rounds over. By retracting the scapulae and raising my chest, the curve in my back should be eliminated.

As said before, this was the first time executing this exercise for me so I didn't expect it to be perfect. It is nice to have video feedback to check and correct my form.

Friday, May 15, 2009

A Few Updates:

With the wiffleball season almost to an end, my team, the Unforgettables, is Nationally ranked number 1. Yes, that's right, we are currently deemed the best wiffleball team in the nation. This past week we won our division and will play the championship game sometime this weekend or early next week.

I am currently in the interview process with Indiana University for a job as a fitness specialist for the Navy SHAPE program. I have passed phase one, the phone interview, and will move on to phase two next week by traveling to IU to do an in person interview. I also interviewed with a Louisville gym/rehab facility last week. Although I am not too concerned right now with whether I get a serious job or not, these interviews have made me think. I don't really understand the "normal" interview process...People ask a bunch of questions about my qualities and my thoughts on what "integrity" means. I understand the thought process behind it but at the same time I don't see it as being effective. I could go into an interview with those types of questions and put on my geek front and tell you exactly what you want to hear. Maybe even introduce myself as Billy Brownnose. After the interview you will have heard exactly what you wanted but how much of it was actually my thoughts and personality? The interviewer already has my resume with my experiences on a piece of paper. Why not just converse with me about this and that. Who knows what will come up in the conversation but I know that there will be a lot more revealed about myself. My resume tells you how well my knowledge base and certifications are. The interview is a time where you can see what I am actually like and if my personality fits with what you are looking for. Oh well, I guess I will continue to hear the same questions that don't really show much of who I am. But I will tell you one thing, I will never be a brown noser. What you see is what you get.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Random Thoughts

It's the beginning of a new chapter in this book I call "Life". I just finished up my master's degree and college all together. It's sad to me but also exciting at the same time. I have no clue what comes next. Where I will end up and what I will do is all a mystery at this point. I am going to miss all of the people from school and the college lifestyle in general but at the same time I will be able to continue to grow with new experiences. The pages are blank and it is my job to write the story that comes.

I just got the new Eminem "Relapse" CD. Shit is incredible. He definitely showed his insanity on this album and for that reason will probably get a lot of buzz on this album. I suggest you all check it out.

The summer has started and that means it's time for me to start reading. I have plans to read as much as I can this summer to learn and expand my mind. I am currently reading TC Luoma's book "Atomic Dog". On deck is "Think Smart". I'll give my suggestions as i finish the readings.

I want to say good luck to everyone around me who are also starting new chapters of their lives. Whether a new job, a new location, or schooling I hope and know they will all succeed.

Happy mother's day to all the moms out there.

A new workout program is starting next week for my training partner and myself. Sprint training as well as some light plyos and Olympic lifts are being added. This is going to be a change from the straight strength programs we have been completing for the last couple of months. The change should elicit some new gains and improvements in my strength, agility, and physique. Remember to add some variety every couple of months so that your body does not adapt and your progress is limited.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Weekly Function



Supraspinous Fossa

Muscle Fascia


Uppermost of the three facets on the greater tubercle of humerus


Abducts arm through initial 15-20 degrees of ROM

Stabalizes the glenohumeral joint