Thursday, September 9, 2010


Hey everyone. I have been MIA once again and I am here to catch everyone up to what has been going on. I have joined up with a client of mine and a studio owner to start a business and get a personal training studio running and expanding. The studio is called BodyQuest and is located in St. Matthews in Louisville. It has been there and managed by Chris Tedesco for about a year now. With the addition of my training knowledge and my client, Crag Perkins' financial backing and business expertise we plan on renovating the studio withe new equipment and a new look and expanding the possibilities we have there. We also look forward to opening a few more locations within the near future. I have posted a couple videos below taking you on a quick tour through the facility as it is now. Stay tuned for some video tours of the new and improved BodyQuest studio.

Along with these renovations we are going to reconstruct the BodyQuest website so my blog content from Swonkdiesel will become more frequent and will more than likely move to that website. I will keep everyone updated on any changes that occur. Come check us out!

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