Friday, November 5, 2010

Call Me a Slacker

Once again I have let a month go by without a single post. For that I apologize. Hear me out though. Over the past month we have been doing a lot of work around BodyQuest. We have done a lot of construction from tearing down old walls to putting up new ones and a lot of painting and cleaning in between. Along with all of that we are still training clients. Today as I type this our brand new equipment is being installed. We will now have a power rack, cable crossover, lat pull/seated row, dumbbell rack, glut ham raise, and a couple free benches. It is going to be a whole new look around here. In about 2 weeks we will be having our grand opening party to welcome everyone to the new and improved BodyQuest. Anyone interested in coming by to check it out leave me a comment and we will welcome you on over.

As for myself, besides training and getting this place fixed up, my training is a little more minimalistic right now. I have been focusing a lot on correcting a lot of issues I have been dealing with over the past few years. My hips and shoulders are very tight and my range of motion has been somewhat restricted on certain movements. Therefore the past two months have been focused more on soft tissue work and mobility training. I have still incorporated strength training into my weekly workouts but it has been more focused on movement versus amount of weight lifted. I am working up to January where I hope to have many of my issues improved if not resolved. At that point I will be phasing back into strength training working on building up maximal strength once again. This whole experience has been hard yet humbling. Everyone always wants to do the show workouts where large amounts of weight is moved around or muscle volume is being built and this is where the problems are created. We have to remember to take care of the small things such as movement, endurance, and tissue quality so that the more exciting things like maximal lifts can be performed properly and even improved more efficiently. It's not always fun to take care of the small things but it is definitely a must.

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Rob Sinnott, MS, CSCS, PFT said...

Going back and rebuilding part of the foundation is necessary to construct a massive structure. You will have to let me know when the official date of the grand opening is... you have been down here a couple times to lift, maybe i'll head up there to get a training session in.

good luck on hiring your other trainers.