Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

Just wanted to give a Merry Christmas to everyone out there. Today is Christmas Eve and even though I have some family stuff tonight, I was still able to get a little workout in this morning. Remember, true results come to those who are willing to put the work in and get past the excuses. It is easy to get caught up in excuses such as work, being tired, or the holidays themselves. Even if you don't have time to get to the gym, there are still good body weight circuits that can be done at home. I know I have a few clients I was not able to see today and tomorrow so I gave them home workouts to do so they were not missing out and could continue to work towards their goals. Take the time to get something in this weekend, whether it is a trip to the gym or an at-home workout. Don't wait until January to start your mission. Put it together now and get a head start.

Just if you are interested, here is the workout I completed this morning and it was with my buddy from Morehead State, Dillon Lawson.

Foam Roll/Warmup

Med Ball Circuit 3x8each
    Chest Pass
    Overhead Throw
    Side Toss
    Scoop Toss

A1 - Keg Clean and Press - 3x6
A2 - Farmers Walk - 3x40yds

B   - Zercher Split Squats - 3x8each

Small workout. Just wanted to get some work in during a deload week. Next up for me is back into a strength phase. I have been focusing on mobility and work capacity lately. Hip mobility is better yet will still be a main focus for a while. Have a great holiday and get some work in.

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