Thursday, April 30, 2009

Library Rave Anyone?

Imagine this scenario:

Your in the library trying to better yourself and increase your knowledge when you see people start lining up around the banisters and balconies. You question for a split second then realize "who cares", and go back to your work. All of a sudden hundreds of people start flooding into the library yelling and screaming. Chants are being started and all of these people around you are "partying". Your first thought is to run through the masses, stabbing people with your pen. But then again you may be a part of the majority who thought it was hilarious. The same majority who complains about "too much work", "not enough time to finish school work during dead week", and "your out of Aderol for your all-nighters." The same majority who makes excuses for your fat ass not doing something to get in shape. The majority that puts the blame on others and never takes the blame yourself...Sorry, I got a little side-tracked, but I'll come back to this group in a minute. So yeah, this happened at the University of Kentucky library last night. It's been posted all over YouTube and Facebook and everyone loves it. Fortunately, I was not there to witness it first-hand because if I were I would probably be in jail.

So back to you, Majority. As much as you annoy me I also thank you. Your lack of effort and logic helps me to gain more and more distance from you in this race we call life. It is also you who motivates me to succeed and better myself. I see you slack and I am reminded of what I need not do. But I don't want to kick a man when he's down so I am going to offer you some advice. I realize that I myself am not perfect, maybe close, but not perfect. However, I do know that you need help and maybe, just maybe, I could provide a spark. Why do I want to help if I have already thanked you for your weakness? Strictly for some competition, so don't get excited and think I actually like you.

The biggest piece of advice I could give you would be to actually take some responsibility. Stop looking for easy ways out and somewhere else to put the blame. Something bad happens, a bad grade per se, blame yourself and your lack of studying. And better yet learn from it and when the next test comes, start studying a week early instead of the night before. When you look in the mirror and frown because your stomach hangs down to your knees, don't blame McDonald's. Blame yourself for becoming best friends with your couch. And with responsibility comes initiative. For those who don't know what that even is I will give you a definition:

-noun: 1. an introductory act or step; one's personal, responsible decision.

So now that you know what it means, use it. Start completing your school work before the due date. Spread it out so your not cramming 10 subjects into one night of frappucinos and "raves". Join a gym, get a trainer, start going for a run/walk everyday. You don't have to make huge leaps, just small steps. Small steps turn into big gains. So get out of your valley of misery and do something productive.

All I can say is start taking responsibility for your life and better yourself. Be your own and take pride in your existence. That's a good start. But if that's not for you I heard they are throwing another party at the library tonight.

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