Monday, April 20, 2009

You Get What You Deserve

Is it just me or are Americans expecting more and more to just be given to them? It seems like people in today's world take a lot for granted and don't realize that not everything should be easy and given to you on a silver platter with a fork and knife. This goes for everything from education to purchases to employment to exercise. There have been a series of commercials running recently, and even though I'm not really sure what they are advertising for, I really enjoy them because they are so true. Like the one below for instance, people expect more than what the man is actually advertising.

At the university I am currently attending there has been a new rule passed concerning the ideal of a "dead week". Currently at this institution there is a rule that professors can not give homework during the week before finals unless it was already on the syllabus. Well that's not good enough for the students so the student government has now passed a law stating that there can be no work given or due during this "dead week". People complained it was "unfair and too stressful" to have papers to turn in the week before they had a final. This is exactly what America has become. Instead of students learning how to manage their time better and get used to what the real world is like, the SG has decided to coddle them and just eliminate work. I sure hope these students get a job where their boss will just tell them, "You have to party with your friends this weekend? It's OK, you don't have to do that work you were assigned."

Listen to people talk about working out and losing weight. Go into a gym and watch the majority of the people "work out". It's pathetic. You here people talk about how they were on the treadmill for 30 minutes, so now they can go eat a cake. You here people talk about how they do an hour of cardio every day and haven't lost a pound. What they forget to mention is that the "cardio" they do doesn't even make them sweat and outside of the gym they eat like crap and drink nightly. People blame trainers for not making them lose weight and look good. Well, I don't care how good of a trainer you have, if you are only with said trainer for 2 hours a week and the other 166 hours of the week are filled with donut holes and the couch then your not going to get results. There's probably a reason everyone in the hot dog commercial is over-weight...

People need to start taking responsibility for their actions and realize that they expect to be given more than they deserve. Improvement takes WORK, no matter what area of life it is. You want to be smarter, you have to study. You want to be in better shape, you have to bust your ass in the gym. You want to be successful at your job, you have to put in the hours. Take pride in what you do and earn what you get. Stop expecting everything to just happen. GO GET IT!

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