Thursday, June 3, 2010

I'm Not Dead

I know it has been forever and then some since the last time I posted on here. For that I am sorry. I have been slacking, not to mention I was going through a few interview processes (neither successful). I am back though and am here to post again. I figured I would make today's post an update on what's going on and some random thoughts.

-First off, I was interviewing for the same position that I applied for last year, working for the Navy out in San Diego. I was the runner-up in the interview process, falling just short of getting sent out there. It would have been a great experience but there is plenty for me to do here and many steps for me to take.

-I am over half way done with the Maximum Strength program by Eric Cressey and my strength has definitely gone up. I have also learned some more about programming and got some good ideas for writing my own programs. I'll post some results when I have finished the 16 weeks and see what kinds of gains I made. Next up will be 5/3/1.

-Some things I have been reading: I recently finished the book, Born to Run. It was very entertaining and increased my belief in barefoot training even more. Shoes are just creating problems even though they claim to be fixing them. Just like food, the more natural, the better.
I am now reading Mojo. This book is about success and confidence in your life and career. Not too bad so far.
I am also reading a series by Eric Cressey on Elbow pain and training. Many athletes, and the general population for that matter, suffer elbow pain while training. This is a good resource to find ways to help alleviate some of that pain as well as train to create better joints.

-Hopefully I won't slack so badly this time around and will be consistent at updating and posting some good posts. If you ever have anything you would like a post about send me an email and give me your ideas.

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