Monday, June 29, 2009

A Few Things...

I have a few things to voice my opinion about this morning. Basically just a time for me to rant a little bit.

Everyone knows about the issues of steroid use in baseball. It has been in the news for a couple years now and it seems like just when it's about to die down the name of another superstar is thrown into the steroid pool. The most recent has been Sammy Sosa. He was declared to have been using steroids and it hit the news channels right away. Then they said that the doctor who gave Manny the drugs he was suspended for, is going to be investigated by the DEA. As much as I am against cheating, I want to know why the government is spending all of their time and efforts on this issue when there are many other things they could be focusing on such as, oh I don't know, the soldiers in the middle east, the poverty in our country, or the whole economic slide that is going on right now. Why is this use of a performance enhancing drug, that doesn't have the proven side effects that people claim, such a big deal to the government when there are much more serious issues to be taken care of. Not to mention the fact that the use of performance enhancing drugs are present in just about every other sport, but baseball is the only one to get the blame. I am not against steroids and I definitely don't think they should be illegal, but I am against cheating so I don't condone the use of them in sports, however I just wish the government would stop worrying about sports and focus on a few other things.

Sticking with the topic of sports, I was watching some highlights of the world soccer cup that was taking place over the last couple weeks. Although I respect their athleticism, I am not a fan of the sport of soccer. Just not my thing. I did watch a little bit though since the U.S. was playing. What I noticed was the celebrations that occurred after just about every goal. And it's not just in this tournament but it is always seen in soccer. The image of Brandy Chastain ripping off her jersey after scoring the game winning goal in the World Cup is known by just about everyone in the United States. Soccer players are seen running around the field in celebration after scoring just about every goal. I have no problem with celebration in sports, but I do have a problem with the hypocrisy that occurs. Why is it OK for a soccer player to celebrate in such a vibrant fashion but it is distasteful and frowned upon for a football player to high step into the end zone, or a basketball player to show a little emotion and pump his fist after making a basket. A recent example...Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic was basically tackled while driving through the lane and after he got the foul and made the basket, his emotion was shown by some fist pumping and yelling. Instead of his emotion being complimented on, he was given a technical foul. It makes no sense to me. Why should it be a penalty for an athlete to show emotion while he is doing the thing that he loves. I wish everyone would stop being so uptight and just let others get a little excited every now and then instead of looking down upon the man who celebrates after scoring or gets a little angry when he doesn't get the outcome he worked 11 months for.

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