Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Movement Impaired

Many of you have more than likely heard of the deadlift. Hell, many of you have probably deadlifted once or twice in your life. The real question is, how many of you have deadlifted with proper form? My guess would be not many. The deadlift is a great movement to build mass, strength, and to get your body to the next level. Whether you are trying to lose weight or increase your athleticism, a deadlift is a great tool. However, the deadlift can cause some problems as well, including back pain and injury, so make sure you have proper form.

Most people don't have the hip and ankle mobility to properly deadlift, therefore they end up rounding their lower back and pulling with poor execution. Improving hip and ankle mobility is the best start to deadlifting but along with that, doing variations can help. Pulling from an elevated position will help increase deadlift strength within the range of motion you are capable of. As mobility and strength increase then you can start pulling from lower starting positions. Another option would be a trap bar deadlift.
The trap bar allows you to pull from the sides and not the front. This will allow you to stay more upright and make it a little easier to keep a tight and neutral midsection.

There are many exercises out there that are great for bettering your physique but if you can't do them correctly they are not going to help you in the ways you hope for. This doesn't mean to avoid it totally, but simply work on your weaknesses so that you can one day start using these great movements. There are always variations and supplementary work that can get you to where you need so ask an expert around you or email someone who may know (I have heard this guy named Chance is pretty good).

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