Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The past couple days here in Louisville have been some great weather. It has been in the upper 60's and mostly sunny. This is great since we have been experiencing a lot of snow lately. Being that it was such nice weather I figured I would take a few clients outside today to do some training. Outdoor training is a great way to mix it up and avoid some of the boredom that can come from being enclosed in a gym all the time. The outside is also so versatile for training. Anything from bodyweight exercises to med balls to sleds to car pushes and so on and so on. It is such a great resource and clients and athletes will love it for the break of the normal routine.

Below is a couple videos of a client of mine, J-Wow. She has been working with me for about 4 months now and has shown some great strength gains. We went through a circuit of med ball slams to side throws, walking overhead lunges, sledge hammer swings, and stairs. Check it out...

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Rob Sinnott, MS, CSCS, PFT said...

tear'n clients up... I SEE YOU HOSS!!! good combos bro.