Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Random Thoughts

Well, it's finals week and i figured I would just shoot off a few random thoughts; try to clear the head out a little bit.

I love being in the gym and seeing all of the guys who think they are bigger than they really are and throw on a big amount of weight then perform the exercise through about 1/8 the range of motion that they should be doing it in. OK guy, you put a lot of weight on yet, no one is impressed because your squat looked like a fucking curtsy. Lower the weight and do the exercise properly with a full range of motion...you will get more out of it and no one will think less of you so don't worry.

I love crunch brunch...free food and a lot of it.

Finals week always brings out the ridiculousness in everyone..well almost everyone. People stay up all night cramming, worry to death about tests and paper deadlines, and tend to feel they failed everything they attempted. Everyone just needs to calm down and realize it's just school...take it down a notch and relax...I guarantee that you will get more out of your studying if you are calm and not worried plus you won't have to chug 10 express double cappuccinos just to stay awake since you haven't experienced sleep in 3 days. It's not the end of the world if you do bad on one test so keep that in mind and I bet you do just fine.

The library is like a bar right now. I went the other night and saw more people and more attractive girls than I ever have at any bar I have been to. Plus they were all in sweats and glasses and that's sexy.

I want a magic bullet blender.

Next semester my lifting partner and I are starting to box squat. I can't wait. Box squatting makes you get deep into your squat plus it incorporates and strengthens the hips a lot more. It is also known to effectively increase your squat max.

I hope Santa Claus thinks I was good this year...

I am going to be having guest articles posted as soon as my guest columnists write something for me to post so look out for those...they should be good and very thought provoking.

An interpolated twitch is when an impulse is given to a maximally contracted muscle to determine if the subject is in fact maximally contracting.

I'm gonna go back to that new bar tonight and see if I can pick up a girl...


ANLAWSON19 said...

How low is the box you're going to use?

Chance said...

12 inches