Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Why Do I Have a Blog?

I was talking with a friend today and was telling her about SwonkDiesel and she said to me, "Why do you have a blog?" I gave her some reasons about connections and whatnot and as I finished my walk across campus I thought more about her question. Why do I have a blog? Is it to fill the empty slots of boredom I have throughout the week? Do I blog because other people do it? After really looking at the question I came up with reasons why I do what I do...

In today's world success is not measured by what you know but who you know. Don't get me wrong, knowledge is important and is a must in whatever your field may be but it's much harder to get somewhere if you don't know someone. I created this blog with intentions to make a few connections. This is not something that will happen over night and truthfully, I may never meet anyone through this. However, I am putting myself and my thoughts onto a screen for the rest of the world to see. There is always the possibility that the right person might come across my site and contact me and that connection could set me up for something great. Connections are the key. All my life I have been the shy kid that no one really knew so my connections were limited. Since I have hit college however, my networking ability has improved greatly. During my undergrad years I became close with everyone in my area of study. I basically owned the gym and even today I still get hooked up there. Now at UK for my graduate program I know people all around my field once again. I have connections in areas that help me and later in life these connections will definitely come in handy. In an article by Robb Rogers he explains, "Be a friend and build relationships and success will inevitably follow."

Another reason I have started this site is to have a journal for my thoughts. Those who really know me know that my mind is a jumbled pile of shit and random thoughts are constantly streaming in and out of my thought process. This site supplies me with a space to record some of these thoughts and put them in writing. I will always be able to look back at this and recall certain thoughts I had on various topics. It's almost like an electronical journal.

The final reason I started this blog is to share my thoughts with the world. I became a trainer because I wanted to help impose change on those who wanted some type of change. I want to share my knowledge to help better someone. That's what I am doing on here. I am sharing my knowledge so that maybe someone out there will read it and what they read will help them reach a goal in their life. I want to spread my metaphorical seed. Put my knowledge out there for others to learn. I also put my knowledge out there in hopes that people will provide feedback and maybe correct me in my errors. I want to help better others while they help better me. I want to change the world.

These are the reasons I post and I hope that my goals can be achieved and somewhere out there others are achieving their goals with some help from me.


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