Tuesday, January 6, 2009

And once again...

It's another new year. This means it's a new semester, a new workout, and another page of the book entitled LIFE. I can't speak for others but I myself get excited to create a new page of my life. There are all kinds of possibilities and even more than usually this time around. Not only am I about to graduate with my Master's degree but I am about to enter this place people refer to as "The Real World". Am I nervous? A little. But am I ready for it? As much as I need to be. I have already decided that this is going to be a year of great things. I know I have goals and I know they will be reached. This is 2009. This is the year I reach 190lbs. This is the year I find myself a great job. This is the year I meet new people and continue to stock pile my connections. I have two close friends getting married this year. I have had some rough times in my life lately but I am not discouraged by these times, I am motivated. People like to use negative things in their lives as excuses...well I like to use them as fuel. Fuel to my life and my mission. Everyone wants people to feel sorry for them and comfort them however this is only making them weaker. Life and everything that happens with it is meant to build and strengthen one's character and drive. Use a negative to better a positive and you will live a better more successful life.

Back to the topic of 2009. The number nine is considered to be a complete and perfect number. Well in that case make 2009 a complete year for yourself, I know I will. Wake up every day with a plan to better yourself and those around you and you will see many good things happen. Stay focused on your goals and resolutions. Achieve them.

On a side note I was working on a workout for one of my clients earlier and I am pretty excited about this one. I am trying a few new things for him and I hope that we can get a solid schedule so I can see what kind of results he gets. He wants to get bigger and stronger and last semester we worked together but scheduling conflicts really limited our time. However I got to identify some problem areas and things that we need to work on. I have decided to try out full body workouts and use a undulating periodization plan. It looks like this: Day one will be a heavy strength day, focusing on core lifts such as squat and deadlift, and the rep scheme will be very low. Day two will be a moderate day while day 3 a higher volume day. His hip strength is somewhat behind so I have a few hip circuits added in his warm-ups. Hopefully with this as well as box squats we will see some improvements. I can't wait to see how this program works since there are a few things I am doing different.

I myself also have a new workout with some new techniques. We are adding in a fifth day to a push/pull split where we will be doing some functional work with sleds, sledge hammers, and sandbags. Hopefully we will see some improved overall strength with these workouts and also don't kill ourselves.

Welcome to 2009...will you make this year complete or just let it pass by and hope everyone feels sorry for you?

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ANLAWSON19 said...

Look at you challenging everyone. I bet you can't average 120 hits with the sledgehammer over 5 sets of 5 minutes with just 1 minute of rest in between.