Thursday, January 15, 2009

Arnold Classic

The Arnold Classic is coming up in a couple months and I am very excited. I am looking online right now at what all is going to be going down at the Classic since I have never been before. A couple of my buddies and myself are going to make the trip up to Columbus to catch the event. For those that don't know, the Arnold Classic is a three day event that encompasses all of fitness. There is a figure competition (from amateur to pro), there is an expo of 650 booths of retailers, supplement companies, etc. There is powerlifting, strongman, cheer and dance, arm wrestling, boxing, strength training presentations, and the list goes on. In the three days we are there I am going to try to soak up as much information from the professionals on location. I am going to see who I can meet and who all I see. Hopefully I will also pick up some supplement samples to try out. This is a weekend that any meat head, fitness guru, and lifting fanatic should experience. I am sure that once I go once I will want to return every year. If your interested and want some more information then check out the site:

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Brandi said...

Hahaha is this in Ohio? I competed in a cheerleading competition there. I actually got to meet Arnold...scary guy.