Friday, January 1, 2010

Project 190, The Rest of the Story

I made mention last week of something I called Project 190 so I thought I would let you in on a little more detail. As I discussed, I have been on an upward grind to gain weight over the past 8 years and have made some decent gains. At this point however, I am ready to get myself to that next level. The past few weeks I have lowered my lifting volume, focusing more on mobility, form, and recovery. After these few weeks, my body is recovered and ready to move some big weight again. Start Project 190.

I have created a 12-week program that is similar to a program I completed last January. My strength increases were great so I figured I would use the same principles, making a few adjustments with the things I have learned over the past year. As far as my nutrition goes, I am making some adjustments to make sure that not only I am taking in a lot more calories but eating cleanly and properly. I will be consuming some type of meal every couple hours, my bigger meals being close to 1000 calories. I am also adding a peri-workout protein drink and a pre-bed protein shake. Some other small adjustments I am making include the addition of walnuts to smoothies, sunflower seeds as a part of my afternoon snack, and I will also not put a limit on spending for groceries.

As far as the workout goes, I have created a push/pull split, four days a week. I really like the push pull split because it allows me to work each muscle group twice per week and I am also able to lift maximal weights on each lift because my muscles are not fatigued as they would be towards the end of a body part split workout. Each week also includes both unilateral and bilateral work of each movement. If you are interested in seeing the workout in more detail, shoot me an email.

My pre-measurements are listed below. I am upset with some of these numbers but hey, it is more room to improve and grow.

Weight: 180
Fat %: 12.1 (not sure on the accuracy of this...Omeron was used)
Circumference measurements (in.):
Shoulders: 49
Chest: 39.75
Waist: 32.5
Hips: 39.75
Thigh: 22.5
Calf: 13
Arm: 13.5
Bench Max: 300
Squat Max: 385 (WEAKSAUCE)
Vertical: 30in.
3RM Pull up: +80

My main goals in terms of numbers include increasing my weight to 190, my squat to 420, bench to 315. I would also like to see an increase in my vertical and with the weight gain an increase in circumference measurements. Stay tuned for updates of Project 190 and as my boy Tech N9ne said, "I'm hype cuz the beast is evolving!"

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Rob Sinnott, MS, CSCS, PFT said...

You are a man with a plan for sure. It's nice to start a new year with new, achievable goals. Are you going to be posting some of your specific workouts? Since I can't hit the gym with you, I need to see some ideas I can steal for my clients.

Look'n forward to see'n the progress and the best to come