Thursday, January 21, 2010

Random Thoughts 1/21

Haven't been on here in a while, pretty busy with the New Years Resolutioners, so I thought I'd just give some thoughts and what not.

-First and foremost, I have gained 4.5 lbs in the past two weeks so Project 190 is nicely on its way. Been pushing some solid weights and plan on seeing increases throughout. I have two more weeks of phase one and then I will be posting the workout on here for everyone to see. Stay tuned.

-The gym has been crazy packed the past couple weeks. It seems that everyone has taken to their New Years Resolutions of losing weight and getting in shape. As much as I love seeing people in the gym trying to better themselves, I know that 90% of these people will be quitting within the next month. It is sad that this is true but it is. It's like a group of tourists. They are visiting my home land and just getting in the way and once the season is over they will all be gone. All I know is it is a a tough ass time trying to get ahold of equipment right now.

-One thing I have been noticing around the training world over the past couple of months is exercise execution. This is something that is overlooked and I see a lot of trainers who prescribe exercises but don't know how to teach them correctly, or in some cases do them correctly themselves. A word to trainers out there...Know how to perform the exercises you prescribe and what to look for when these exercises are being done. Give coaching cues. As a trainer, you are not there to just tell people what to do but to teach as well.

-Just remember to always keep learning and improving your craft. Whatever you do, improve your game. Too many people become complacent and quit learning, quit improving, and just stay stagnant. Always improve, ALWAYS.

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