Saturday, January 30, 2010

Project 190 Update

Today concluded phase one of my Project 190 program. After four weeks, strength is on the rise and my body weight has gone up about seven pounds. At this rate I am hoping for a final weigh-in of around 195. As far as my nutrition is concerned, I have been consuming about 3,500-4,00 calories daily (non-training days being less) and the types of food consumed have been generally healthy. I have been eating a lot of eggs, granola, smoothies, fruit, sunflower seeds, beans, chicken, and other lean meats and fish. This past Wednesday I had a lunch feast with ROB at BD's Mongolian Grill which gave me a nice boost as large amounts of meat were consumed. I have limited myself to one soda a week and one day to eat a few sweets. My main goal is gaining weight and strength but I don't just want to eat whatever so that my performance and health are optimal.

As far as the workout goes, its a very basic concept of push/pull with some power exercises thrown in. I am constantly working on my hip and shoulder mobility so I include a mobility warm-up every session. My main objective each day is to lift as much weight as I can for the given number of reps and sets. Below is the workout from phase one...

Clean High Pull 4x4
Front Squat 2x8 2x6
Shoulder Press 2x8 2x6
DB Incline 4x8
Triceps 3x8
Russian Twist 4x8-12
Plank 4x:30

Explosive Shrug 4x4
Seated Row 2x8 2x6
SL SB Leg Curl 4x12
SA Lat Pulldown 4x8
Biceps 3x8
Cable Rotation 4x8-12
Side Plank 4x:30

Squat Jump 4x4
Bench 2x8 2x6
Lunge 4x8
DB Shoulder Press 4x8
Triceps 3x8
SB Russian Twist 4x8-12
Rollout 4x12

DB Swing 4x4
Lat Pulldown 2x8 2x6
Glut Ham Raise 4x8
SA Seated Row 4x8
Biceps 3x8
1-2-3-Throw 4x8-12
Side Dynamic Plank 4x:30

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Rob Sinnott, MS, CSCS, PFT said...

195 is going to be solid, any idea of what your body fat % was before and now? stay'n pretty lean it sounds like