Tuesday, February 2, 2010

To Stop Learning is to Die

The other day at the gym I was approached by a guy who is a regular around the gym. He was talking about personal training and asked me a question that I had never really been asked before. "How do you learn exercises and new stuff?" It took me a second to really put an answer together because it is something that just comes as normal to me and I don't really think about it. My answer...READ.

I read all the time. I read blogs, books, articles, research, basically whatever I can get time to read. I keep up with fitness professionals and strength coaches around the country. There are so many people that have a lot of good knowledge and experience so why not learn from them? No one knows everything so there is always room for knowledge. Some of my favorite people to read are:

Eric Cressey
Tony Gentilcore
Mike Boyle
Mike Robertson
Alwyn Cosgrove
and many more

All of these guys have blogs, books, and many, many articles worth checking out. Beyond these guys websites like T-Nation.com are great. Daily articles are supplied be well renown coaches and trainers about anything and everything fitness related.

Whether you are a trainer or a coach, a rookie or a vet, there is always a need to learn more. Stay current in the research and stay current in the latest applications. Experiment with yourself and your clients. Try new methods that you learn about or develop yourself. There are too many people that I see that don't learn and improve. They get their certification, they get a job, and that stops everything. They use the same methods and workouts each client and situation. That is the definition of lazy. If you want to be good at whatever it is you do, you have to continually perfect your craft and better your knowledge. Only this way will you be able to become a name in your industry and a person that people look to for advice and help. ALWAYS LEARN.

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