Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"I like my scale at home better than this one."

This morning at work I was talking to a member about weight. This member, like many others, checks his weight every visit to the gym. I have always disliked this but my disgust was even more this morning when I was informed that this member also weighs himself upon waking. So that means that by the time he goes to work at 8 a.m. he has already checked his weight twice. I'm sure he's not the only person that does this either. Our society is so scale-obsessed that we have lost sight of the things that really matter. With references such as BMI, which is about as useless as a spoon at a steak buffet, people put too much emphasis on how much they weigh and not what they look like.

Instead of obsessing over pounds and ounces, take a look at some other indicators that not only mean more, but are more functional. Keep an eye on how your clothes fit. If your trying to lose weight and your involved in a good training program, you will notice your clothes fitting different. You may even have to get a new wardrobe. Another option is to get your body composition tested. Update this measurement every month or two. Most gyms have, at least, a hand-held BIA device. Some gyms may even offer skin fold measurements, which are more accurate. This is the best determinant of how well your program is working and how much improvement you are making on your body.

I am not saying to totally ignore weight. I myself am scale obsessed, just in the opposite direction. However, I don't allow myself to check on a daily basis. I check once a week; a "weigh-in day" if you will. Weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly would be your best options for scale checks. If your putting in the effort and doing the right things your body is going to change for the better, so trust it. But keep checks on your progress, just don't limit those checks to the scale.

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