Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Weekly Function

I have recently decided to learn functional anatomy. In undergrad I learned a basic functional anatomy but the functional part didn't stick all the way. I want to reeducate myself with the functional anatomy of not only the large muscles but also the smaller ones such as the rotator cuff muscles. I feel that having this knowledge as a personal trainer or strength coach can be very beneficial to the success you have. I believe that one can be a great trainer without this knowledge but it is a great weapon to add to the arsenal. To help myself study and learn as well as educate those who read my blog I am going to start a weekly post where I post a muscle, its origin, insertion, actions, and a diagram. I hope this can be helpful to those who are interested.

Pectoralis Major

Medial 1/3 of clavicle

Anterior aspect of manubrium and length of body sternum

Cartilaginous attatchments of upper 6 ribs

External oblique's aponeurosis

Lateral lip of bicipital groove next to crest of the greater tubercle

Clavicular fibers insert more distally; sternal fibers more proximally

Adducts humerous

Internally rotates humerous

Flexion of arm from extension (clavicular portion)

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