Friday, March 27, 2009

"What? That it's made from corn..."

I'm sure you have probably seen this commercial, or at least one of it's variations. It is trying to tell America that it's OK to consume high fructose corn syrup and there are no negative effects involved. Well that just pisses me off. There have been a lot of advances towards a healthier America over the past few years and now they are trying to take a step backwards. I am sick of seeing this shit on my television. It's so annoying to see these idiots spew out their "facts" about HFCS. Yea I'm sure these people didn't massage any research at all. HA! I recently read an article by a successful exercise physiologist and nutritionist by the name of Dr. Lonnie Lowery. He gave the true facts about HFCS so I wanted to pass those on.

HFCS cause a combination of hyperinsulinemia and aberrant intracellular metabolism. These both lead to lipogenesis and glycation. Lipogenesis is the creation of fats while glycation is the gumming of proteins. To go along with this, straight liqud carbs such as HFCS are digested and metabolized in a particular way. Fructose increases lipogenesis by bypassing PFK, the most important regulatory enzyme in out carbohydrate biochemistry. This supplies the body with a large amount of acetyl-CoA and glycerol, the building blocks of fat. And compared to glucose (sugar), fructose has a much greater tendency to glycate surrounding proteins. This glycation is a common marker of past glucose tolerance and is used to test diabetics. Hmm...seems to me that there is a link between fructose and diabetes. Glycosolation also has been linked to disrupted cell function and aging. This all sounds bad to me, but what do I know, I don't work for the Corn Refiners Association.

If for some reason you still don't really trust me or Dr. Lowery, then check out this excerpt from a scientific research study: "long-term absorption of fructose...causes enzyme adaptations that increase lipogenesis and VLDL secretion, leading to triglyceridemia, decreased glucose tolerance, and hyperinsulinemia."

Maybe the commercial should have went something like this...

Once you accept that HFCS is not "OK in moderation" and all that crap then you have to realize it is used in a lot of the food filling a grocery store. Be more observant in the ingredients of products you are buying to try to avoid foods with HFCS as much as possible. And I hope that from now on when you see these stupid ass commercials you will laugh at the stupidity, just as I do.

"Thank You for Guzzling Corn Syrup" by Dr. Lonnie Lowery via

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